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Can You Get a Reservation for an “At Capacity” Park?

I’ve found that, as odd as it may seem, a park showing no availability on the reservation calendar doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no availability.

Here’s what I think – the park reservation calendar either only refreshes at certain times throughout the day or only shows availability when reservations available are greater than 1-2% of a park’s capacity.

Said another way, the park reservation calendar doesn’t seem to account for the real-time changes (e.g. cancellations) happening on a consistent basis.

So how do you grab a reservation for a park that shows no availability? Well, first you need an existing ticket for that date. That may be easier said than done if all parks are showing zero availability. In that case, Disney won’t sell you a ticket for that date to attempt the steps below.

Assuming you have a ticket, do the following –

If you didn’t get lucky and secure a park reservation on first try, you’ll most likely see a “no reservation available” message.

No matter. From here, you’ll need to –

  • Set your browser auto-refresher for 10-15 seconds
  • Window the browser off to the side
  • Watch for the “Review & Confirm”

When this screen does appear, make sure you stop the browser refresher before proceeding.

Remember, you can do this at the same time for all four parks in their own separate browsers.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t immediately get a confirmation. How quickly this works is often dependent on how far out you are attempting the reservation. The closer to the reservation date, the more movement you’ll see.

On our last trip in the Spring, I was able to swap three of our existing park reservations to “no availability” Hollywood Studio dates the week prior to traveling by using the above process over the course of an hour or so.

Furthermore, in the time it’s taken to write this article, I’ve already seen availability at all four parks for tomorrow – a date that is greyed out on the availability calendar.

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