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Can You Purchase a Ticket for an “At Capacity” Date?

Something that kind of caught me off-guard, even as a long-time WDW visitor, is the idea that you can’t purchase a park ticket if the park availability calendar shows all four parks at capacity (greyed out) for the day you’re planning to visit.

More frustrating is the fact that this policy extends to multi-day tickets where you’re unable to purchase a ticket if just a single day within your valid date range is at capacity.

So the in the calendar above, I would be unable to purchase 4 day tickets if my trip dates were 6/17 – 6/20 because park reservations on 6/17 are not available.

Is there a way around this? No. Not really.

Some third-party sellers will give the impression that they can sell you tickets for “at capacity” dates, but they will not be able to confirm the ticket with Disney post-sell (promise). You also can’t purchase tickets for a random set of available dates and have Disney move your dates to “at capacity” dates.

You might ask – “why would you want to purchase a ticket on a day that’s at capacity?” Well, park availability changes all the time and there’s a pretty great chance you’d be able to get the park reservation you want with a little bit of work…if Disney would just give you that chance.

So what does this mean? Well, it means you probably need to consider purchasing tickets earlier than you would probably like to in the short term. If you’re like me, you typically put off purchasing tickets for as long as possible in the event you needed to cancel the trip. But…I’m also pretty risk-averse.

When purchasing your tickets, don’t worry about whether or not the park you want to visit on any given day is available, you’re really just trying to get the tickets purchased at this point and make some initial reservations.

To wrap, just know that for the foreseeable future, you’re pretty much stuck waiting for at least one park to open for your desired date (or dates) before Disney will let you purchase tickets.

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