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Discovering Voices of Liberty

Tucked away inside the American Adventure Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase is perhaps the greatest find in all of Walt Disney World – Voices of Liberty.

Long a staple of Epcot, Voices of Liberty are an acapella group showcasing a mix of American folk and Disney tunes. And yet, that description doesn’t really seem to convey just how special a Voices of Liberty performance truly is. Whether it’s the acoustics of the American Adventure rotunda, the amazing talent of the singers, or the intimacy of the performance, I find myself tearing up at some point darn nearly every show.

Some of it is probably nostalgia for me. We’ve seen “Voices” every trip since my wife and I started regularly visiting Walt Disney World back in 2007. Each performance sort of calls to mind our previous trips and where we were in life at that moment in time. Of course that happens throughout the course of all Walt Disney World, but not quite to the degree that it does when watching this particular show.

It’s just a very moving thing for me.

The group essentially acts as a warm-up to the American Adventure show – which is a whole ‘nother topic of amazing. If you’re lucky, you may even get to see them perform the signature song from that show – “Golden Dream”. Note that I’ll be extremely jealous if you do as it’s still on my bucket list.

Shows are daily and typically occur on the hour from 12 to 5pm. Run time is around 15 minutes.

“Voices” also has a “Dickens Carolers” version of the show as part of Epcot’s International Festival of the Holidays with other special performances occurring around July 4th and other special occasions.

So do your family a favor and make it a point to catch Voices of Liberty the next time you circle Epcot’s World Showcase. Maybe it’ll become a must-do for your family as well.

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