Beyond: How Great is Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort?

As it turns out, there’s actually a Disney resort hotel in Pigeon Forge Tennessee.

Wait what?

Ok, so it’s not technically a Disney resort hotel, but you could probably be forgiven for thinking as much after visiting the great Dollywood DreamMore Resort. You see, DreamMore manages to pull off something a lot of resort hotels seemingly can’t – down-to-earth charm in a fresh, modern package.

Sound like a Disney resort?

This is why discovering DreamMore was basically a smoky mountain gamechanger for our family. How so? If you’ve followed us for very long, you know we fall into the “on-property or bust” camp when visiting WDW. We actually value the on-property experience so much, that it’s problematic when we can’t recreate that same scenario on visits to other theme park destinations.

Which brings us to DreamMore.

For years, we visited Dollywood while staying at chain hotels on the parkway. The problem was, we found a lot of the area hotel offerings to be somewhat…I think underwhelming is the the right word. As a result, this seemed to impact our perception of what a trip to Dollywood could be. Now with DreamMore, we can recreate that Disney destination in the mountains vibe we were searching for all along. We had a great theme park, a great water park, and were just missing the great resort.

So what about DreamMore calls to mind a Disney resort?

Well, to give you an idea…

DreamMore Entrance
DreamMore Entrance
DreamMore Lobby
DreamMore Lobby
DreamMore Pool Area
DreamMore Dolly Records
DreamMore Quick Service Dining
DreamMore Room
DreamMore Relaxation Area
DreamMore Dollywood Panorama
DreamMore Resort View

See what I mean?

Aspects the pics don’t show, however, include a fun, welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff, and, oddly enough, that Disney resort smell…though if cornered I couldn’t really tell you exactly what that is. You’ll find recurring visual themes (e.g. think butterflies) cleverly woven into every inch of the resort and touches of Dolly that add personality, warmth, and whimsy into every space.

Most importantly though…and I want to stress this…if you find long lines at the Dollywood Grist Mill for Cinnamon Bread, you can always swing by the resort and pick some up from the DM Pantry.

How can you top that?

Well, it looks like Dollywood will attempt to.

In 2023, Dollywood will open DreamMore’s sister resort – HeartSong Lodge. Shades of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, HeartSong looks to be every bit the worthy counterpart to DreamMore. We’re particularly excited about this because it can sometimes be difficult to snag a room at DreamMore during busier times.

For now though, should you stay at DreamMore resort?

Well, if you’re a Disney Parks fan and the above doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will. Of course, there’s always the complimentary front of line pass for DreamMore guests visiting Dollywood…

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Do you consider DreamMore Disney quality?

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