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How Can You Make World Showcase Fun for Littles?

Let’s face it, for as much fun as Epcot’s World Showcase is for adults and older children, maybe it’s not quite as much for the littles. Outside of family attractions like Frozen Ever After, Gran Fiesta Tour, Ratatouille, and a few meet-n-greets, a trip around the World Showcase is just not quite as engaging for that age group as a park like Magic Kingdom is. This is especially true if, like our family, you like to make your way through each country enjoying the shops, theming, and dining at a relaxed pace.

So how do you keep your little ones engage when traveling the showcase?

Well, one no-brainer way is visiting a KidCot station in each country. Kidcot stations typically offer some type of craft for kids to pass the time with. While each craft is similar, it can be a lot of fun to collect one in each of the countries.

If, like us, you’re looking to go the more DIY (and potentially more interesting) route, think of an activity for your child to complete in each country.

When our daughter was younger, she loved to take her favorite plush animal (usually some type of kitten) around the World Showcase and pick interesting spots in each country to take a picture of it (e.g. Kitty visits a perfume shop in Italy). On a recent trip, we convinced our 4 yr old we were going on an international racing tour around the showcase. As we entered each country, he would get out of the stroller and briefly race his Hot Wheels car to earn a sticker.

We’ve also done little scavenger hunts, pictures with hosts from each country, and treat collecting – usually some form of inexpensive candy.

Whatever you choose, just make sure it’s something that fits your child’s personality and not just an activity YOU want to them to be interested in. If not, I can promise they’ll lose interest in the whole thing three to four countries into the stroll…

…which may truncate your trip around the world.

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