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How Do You Guarantee a Great Walt Disney World Trip?

Looking back over the years, it seems great Walt Disney World trips have been ones where my pre-trip expectations matched or surpassed the actual experience. It seems to track then, that you can be completely capable of having a great trip – provided you set the right expectations.

How do you do that?

Resist marketing

No one markets their parks better than Disney. At the same time, no one creates a more unrealistic view of their parks better than Disney. And while Walt Disney World is pretty magical – it’s not quite the version of magical the marketing suggests.

Don’t stretch your budget beyond comfortability.

It’s simple – the more money you sink into a vacation, the higher your expectations are. Opt for the “get in the door” cost and be surprised when expectations are surpassed.

With costs on the rise though, you’ll likely pay more for each subsequent trip and subconsciously set higher expectations. Ignore the urge and accept that as Walt Disney World demand continues to increase so too will the cost of going.

Keep up the research.

Even if you’re (especially if you’re) a Walt Disney World frequent flyer…keep tabs on the latest operational changes at the resort. For example, check wait times, show times, and menu pricing routinely near trip dates. It’ll help avoid on-the-ground surprises that go against your expectations.

Account for reality.

Finally, you’re visiting a destination alongside thousands of other folks generally with the same goal – the perfect trip. Inevitably, those goals collide. Said another way, friction and frustration in between the fun is sometimes the nature of visiting a wildly popular theme park.

Just account for it when settings expectations.

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