How Does Dollywood Manage Popularity?

It’s no secret Dollywood is a popular place to visit. 

No theme park matches the park’s unique assortment of attractions, entertainment and dining combined with the charm of, well, Dolly. Don’t think that’s hyperbole – there truly is nothing like Dollywood. I know where I live in Alabama, folks tend to choose between either the beach or the mountains for their annual vacation destination. If they choose the mountains, you can bet a visit to Dollywood is on the itinerary.

Again…it’s a popular place!

Managing Popularity

If you’ve visited before, you know the emphasis Dollywood places on every guest having an amazing experience. There’s a reason the park’s adage is “Love every Moment”. A big part of ensuring you love every moment is the park’s ability to manage popularity. In my experience, no one both anticipates and manages this popularity better than Dollywood – something that ultimately results in a great theme park experience.

How do I know? 

I’ve experienced it first-hand. 

Popularity Managed

My family recently visited Dollywood on a weekend during a very popular time of year. Think beautiful weather and major holiday. Things that stood out to our family…

  • A new parking lot tram route and drop-off point that helped speed our time from parking to the front gate
  • An super-fast security screening process
  • More than enough entertainment show times (we were able to see every show we planned to!)
  • Reasonable waits for attractions – especially in the later hours of the day
  • A speedier check-out process at the park’s main gift shop – the Dollywood Emporium
  • More dining options throughout the park (Food Truck Park!)
  • New outdoor dining seating areas
  • More festival-related park experiences than ever before (see: Bloom!)

There’s probably more, but these are what stood out the most to us.

The Result?

So, how was our experience on this very popular day at the park? I can truthfully say a little bit of strategy (e.g. arriving early, staying late) combined with with the stand-outs above made for a great visit to the park. 

I hope this helps to give you some assurance the next time you consider visiting during a popular time. It definitely does for me. It’s so clear that Dollywood continues to improve the park experience in both big and small ways – to the degree that whether you visit during a popular or not-as-popular time, you can have a great experience either way.

It’s what keeps us coming back again and again.

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