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Is Disney’s Skyliner the Most Thrilling Ride in WDW?

I admit to having high-anxiety on rides that swing from a cable.

While most list it as a “pro” for staying at Pop Century, our first trip post-Skyliner opening included some trepidation. It helped to remember these are really-for-real gondolas – not the open-air skyway buckets of theme park days gone by.

Our first ride experience started off pretty well. The ride from Pop Century to the Caribbean Beach station was uneventful and anxiety-free. I suppose this was because of how close the gondola traveled to the ground on this leg of the journey.

After leaving the Caribbean Beach station, however, we started to make a climb. At near peak altitude, we stopped. It was an abrupt stop. So abrupt, in fact, that it felt like King Kong had traveled back from Universal Studios circa 1993 and briefly grabbed our gondola.

Whether it was the altitude, the swinging, the heat…who knows. In a flash, I was again 10 years old and shakily riding the Sky Buckets at Six Flags over Georgia. I knew it was bad when my super-easy-going wife turned to me and said “I’m done…we’ll be driving to the parks from here on”.

“Sounds good”, I casually said.

So hat was our one and done experience with the Disney Skyliner – or what I only half-jokingly refer to as potentially the most thrilling ride in WDW. However, I’m not really trying to scare you away from it. Obviously, YMMV. The Skyliner really is a super-efficient and fun (for some) way to travel to Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

Just be aware if you have members of your family who are a little skittish in these situations. You don’t want each journey to and from the parks to be a nerve-wracking, edge-of-your- seat experience for them.

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