Managing Multiple Tickets in My Disney Experience

What happens if you have multiple tickets linked to your My Disney Experience account and you want to use a specific ticket on next park entry? Maybe you have one ticket that expires before another one. Maybe you have one ticket with a park hopper on it and one without?

Said a different way – How do you prioritize what ticket you want to use when you have multiple ticket types? It turns out prioritize is the key word. You have to tell Disney to “prioritize” the ticket you want to use.

How do you do this? You guessed it – a conversation with guest relations.

Your first option is pre-trip guest relations.

Simply call guest services, cook, eat, and clean-up from dinner with your family, and then, when the representative answers, tell them you need to prioritize the tickets linked to your My Disney Experience account.

You can also attempt to do this by chatting with a rep at If it’s not greyed out (which it’s want to do from time to time), there will be an icon that reads, “Chat Now” on the linked page above. Click on it, and it will connect you to a representative. Again, tell them know you need to prioritize the park tickets linked to your My Disney Experience account. You’ll have to sign a form and read the first few lines of the preamble to the constitution, but it’s a fairly painless process overall.

Your second option is pre-park entry guest relations.

If you’d rather wait do and this at the parks, just head over to guest relations – located in the front area of every park and at Disney Springs. This may be the preferable method in the current climate as it’s the least complicated and least risky. There’s also decent chance that trying to handle it ahead of time may lead to a trip to guest relations anyway – so save yourself the potential hassle. Also, those pre-entry guest relation lines tend to move more quickly than the in-park guest relation lines. I suppose it’s because there are sales to be made rather than refunds to process. I jest. Sort of.

So there you go.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to use specific park tickets on next park entry, you’ll now know how to make it happen. We actually encountered this on our last visit. I had some comped tickets (long story) that I wanted to save for a later visit. I purchased new tickets and we were able to sort out the ticket priority with little hassle pre-park entry on our first day at Magic Kingdom.

Of course, your true best option is to add me to your Friends and Family list and simply gift the tickets to me…

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