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What’s the Best Nighttime Land in WDW?

Without a night-time spectacular and early openings, Animal Kingdom days are usually good candidates for an early return back to your resort hotel.

Leave early? I wouldn’t.

For as impressive and immersive as Animal Kingdom’s Pandora is during the day, it’s so much more at night. The combo of low, but effective lighting (see above) and atmospheric sound effects bring the land to life unlike you’ve ever experience in a theme park – yes, even if you’ve been to Batauu.

On our last trip, we decided to hang around Animal Kingdom until park close with the idea of riding Pandora’s flagship attraction Flight of Passage with minimal wait. While we had planned on rushing over to Pandora with just a few minutes of the day left, we ended up making it over to the land about an hour prior to closing.

For most of that hour, we did something we rarely do in a theme park…stopped. Stopped worrying about getting on the next attraction. Stopped thinking about our plans for the next day. Stopped the complaining about the heat and crowds.

Instead, we found ourselves slowly making our way around the land listening for “creatures” we thought we heard off in the distance. We searched for the seemingly hidden, crisscrossing paths scattered throughout the land. We marveled at how the “floating mountains” appeared, even more, to be floating in the glow of the nighttime lighting package.

It was like we had uncovered a new Animal Kingdom land….even though we had just visited earlier in the day.

So try it for yourself.

It’ll not only likely be an amazing experience, but it may also change your perception of what Animal Kingdom park can offer after dark.

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