Purchasing a Dollywood Season Pass All About the Feels

Have you thought about purchasing a Dollywood season pass?

If so, you probably already know it makes all the financial sense in the world for frequent visitors. You probably also already know about the list of perks that come alongside being a passholder.

I wonder, though – have you factored in the actual feeling of being a passholder?

Feeling Freedom

Even as a life-long fan, going to a theme park is a fun, but stressful experience for me.

I think this comes from the mindset that I have x amount of time to get x amount of things done. If I fail, I’ve not maximized the value of my ticket – something that drives me crazy.

Dollywood – Taking a Break

With the season pass, the stress associated with that approach is nearly eliminated. Assuming I’ve committed to a few visits over the course of the season, I’m no longer assigning a dollar value to every minute of every day at the park.

As such, I no longer feel obliged to go nonstop and can actually enjoy just…being.

Insider Tip: Keep an eye out for Dollywood Passholder bonus incentives the park offers throughout the year.

Feeling Connected

Becoming a season passholder creates a connection. It’s a connection to all the goings-on at the park. It’s a connection to the Dollywood fan community. Heck, it’s even a feeling of connection to Dolly herself.

Dollywood – Railroad Connection

Passing a Dollywood billboard recently, my daughter exclaimed “That’s our park!” It didn’t register at the time, but I suppose that statement really encapsulates what being a passholder is like.

Dollywood isn’t just a park you visit – it feels like your park.

Feeling Opportunity

One of my favorite reasons to become a passholder, is the simple idea that at any time I have the ability to visit Dollywood.

Dollywood – Visiting Mrs. Lillian

Can I technically do this without being a passholder? Of course. I can walk up and purchase a ticket to enter the park on any operating day. However, removing the recurring ticket purchase as a factor in deciding to visit is a very freeing thing.

Said another way – the real passholder upside is knowing there’s opportunity for fun without the friction of another ticket purchase.


For all the feelings of freedom, connection and opportunity – there’s also a bit of a trap to be aware of.

Holding a season pass, it’s tempting to turn a visit to Dollywood from something special into something routine. How does that happen? Easy. You plan a visit because you “need” to use your pass rather than because you actually want to visit. Do this enough times, and you’ll build a negative association toward the park.

How do you avoid this trap?

Don’t force it. If an upcoming trip doesn’t feel exactly right or you’re just going through the motions, do something else and save Dollywood for a time you really want to visit. In other words – visit responsibly.

Dollywood – Harvest Festival

Insider Tip: An easy way to build variety into your Dollywood touring is to plan visits around the amazing festivals offered throughout the year.

That said, if you’re ready for the both the feels and the responsibility a Dollywood season pass offers, take a look at the latest variety of season pass options Dollywood offers.

You’re sure to find one that feels right for you.

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