Is Seven Dwarfs Mine Train an Expendable Attraction?

After skipping it on our last two trips, I’ve come to realize the Magic Kingdom headliner attraction Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is an expendable experience for my family. Why?

A few reasons…

We’re not a big rope drop family.

Even in a park with no shortage of attractions, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train garners a ton of rope drop attention at Magic Kingdom opening. It’s not uncommon to arrive in Fantasyland to a 30+ minute wait if you’re not among the initial throng of guests at rope-drop…and we’re usually not. I don’t know about your family, but we’re kind of over the “big crowd sprint to the headliner attraction” thing. We’ve also been bitten by the “delayed opening” bug a few times at Seven Dwarfs after making said sprint.

We’re not crazy about outdoor queues.

Most days, Seven Dwarfs typically lives in the 60-90 min average wait range – putting it in the upper echelon of Magic Kingdom wait times. That 60-90 mins is rough when you’re waiting in a rather mundane, mostly outdoor queue. Now, we’re not talking Slinky Dog Dash outdoor queue rough (there is some tree covering), but it’s a not a whole lot better.

We’re missing a bit of thrill.

On the attraction itself, Seven Dwarfs doesn’t offer a lot in the thrill department. Minor, sweeping drops and some twisting back and forth is about the extending of thrills this (admittedly smooth) coaster offers. You get a speed burst leaving the station and once again on the last hill….that’s pretty much it though.

We’re missing a bit of heart.

On the story side, you have two show scenes – one set in the mines with some pretty impressive animatronics and one with figures re-purposed from the old Snow While dark ride attraction. Both are fun scenes, but feel a little truncated, anti-climatic, and lacking emotion.

Of course….we’re not necessarily you.

If your situation does call for experiencing Seven Dwarfs, I think you basically have three options – braving rope drop, catching the attraction just before closing, or looking for what we call a wait time sweet spot. Rope dropping has the pitfalls and trade-offs mentioned above. Closing out the day with the attraction is likely the better option as your outdoor queue experience will be significantly improved.

Where’s the sweet spot?

If you can’t hang around until closing, historical wait time data says the wait time sweet spot for Seven Dwarfs is the 10am hour (assuming a 9am park opening).

Seven Dwarfs Mine Time Wait Time Build –

At that point, waits from the early morning rush have stabilized and haven’t quite began their ascent to peak waits later in the afternoon. Hitting Seven Dwarfs around this time also givens you the chance to catch short waits at other attractions in the area. You’ve also taken out the variable of a delayed opening interfering with plans.

For us, however, Seven Dwarfs has basically taken over the spot formerly held by Peter Pan’s Flight – the Fantasyland attraction whose wait times promise a little more than can be deliver. Only, in hindsight, at least Peter has an engaging queue that’s mostly indoors.

So, I think we’ll continue to take a pass on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train for the time being. I suppose we didn’t realize just how “meh” we felt about the attraction until…you know… we actually had to wait an extended amount of time for it. I don’t think the Seven Dwarfs will miss us though.

They seem to have plenty of folks wanting to visit.

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When do you like to experience Seven Dwarfs Mine Train?