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Consider Personality when Considering Genie+

One of the biggest mistakes I made on our last trip to the Magic Kingdom was…

Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing I haven’t done before. Nothing I probably won’t end up doing again. My biggest mistake was spending nearly the entire day trying to wring value out of Genie+ at the expense of our park experience.

Did I save our family a little bit of time not having to wait in line?

Sure. We managed to secure six or so Lightning Lane return times using Genie+ over the course of the day.

Was it worth it?

Hardly. In the era of Fastpass+, I could put in a reasonable effort “refreshing” on the My Disney Experience app and generally find desirable return times. With Genie+, I spent waaaay more time “refreshing” for return times that ended up being incredibly hard, if not impossible, to come by.

Instead of moving on, however, I dug in and spent even more time trying to secure the return times I wanted. It became a game I was determined to win. The next thing I knew, the day was over and I had missed a lot of the Magic Kingdom moments I’d spent months looking forward to – moments I had already paid for with my park ticket. And when I say moments, I mean like attractions. I spent most of our snack time, show time, and on-ride time trying to secure return times…especially early in the day.

So was it a mistake buying Genie+? Maybe not. I think the mistake was thinking I could relive the glory days of Fastpass+ and not pivoting when it became obvious it wasn’t gonna happen.

I say all of this to say, you may want to be careful when considering Genie+ for your next visit. If you have a personality like mine that is determined to squeeze every last ounce of value out of something, purchasing Genie+ may be more detrimental to your experience than just simply waiting in stand-by.

Said another way, you want to make sure purchasing Genie+ is going to, at worst, not detract from the experience you’ve already purchased.

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