Visiting Wild Water – North Alabama’s Newest Water Park

Wild Water is the latest water park to open in North Alabama. An expansion of the Cullman City Aquatic Center, the park offers a wave pool, two kiddie areas, a handful of slides, a few pools, and a mini-lazy river – all in a relatively small footprint.

Admission is currently $30 for adults and $23 for children. You’ll find slightly discounted tickets if you visit on a Tuesday evening, are over 65, or bring at least 20 friends with you. Seasonal passes are available to Aquatic Center members only. The park also has Cabanas available for $125-150 depending on the day. Parking is free.

On the dining front, you’ll find the usual assortment of water park fare (e.g. chicken tenders, nachos, hot dogs) available at two main quick service locations in the park. Shaved ice and other alcoholic beverages offerings are also available at additional locations.

We recently visited Wild Water a few days after their grand-opening with the hopes of finding a solid, local water park option for our family going forward.

What We Liked

  • Parking is an easy walk to the park entrance even from the furthest spot in the lot.
  • Four fantastic slides make up the park’s primary slide tower – a four-wide mat racer slide (our favorite), body slide, two-person raft slide, and a splash bowl slide.
  • Large quantities of shaded seating can be found near both the wave pool and kiddie areas.
  • With four slides, swings, and additional play elements, the park’s kiddie area is one of the best we’ve encountered.
  • Unique to Wild Water is the wave pool’s random wave profiles – you never know what types of waves to expect when the “wave” buzzer sounds each time.
  • With a small footprint, it’s super easy to get around the park from any seating area.
  • Lifeguards were plentiful and professional.
  • “New” and “clean” perfectly describe Wild Water. While it won’t always be new, history suggests the Aquatic Center will be a good job of keeping the park well maintained well into the future.

Things to Note

  • Park re-entry is not offered at Wild Water.
  • Each wave sequence at the wave pool lasts a good deal longer than at other parks – pace yourself.
  • With one primary tower, slides lines can bottleneck quickly – slide early and often.
  • With four-wide capacity, mat racers has the shortest slide wait through the day.
  • Before entering a slide line, confirm you have the correct raft for your slide choice.
  • All kid slides are one-person at a time – no parent assists for younger children.


I think the biggest of the “Things to Note” is definitely the park’s re-entry policy. Our family had originally planned to leave mid-day for an afternoon nap and had to adjust on the fly once we discovered this restriction.

Overall though, we came away pretty impressed with Wild Water. It definitely has the potential to become one of the better water parks in the state. I think it certainly fits the bill for families looking for a clean, comfortable, and fun water park day in the the North Alabama area.

As with any water park, you’ll want to arrive a few minutes before park opening to secure a great landing spot for your family. You’ll also want to plan on eating a little early to avoid the waits that come alongside peak eating times. If you are considering a visit, take a look at the park’s official site so you can be sure to make the most of your day at the park.

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