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Embracing the Unscripted Disney Moments

One of the downsides to planning your Walt Disney World vacation down to the minute (even though it often seems like this is encouraged by Disney), is that there are very few unscripted moments over the course of the trip.

In 2022, it’s pretty easy to visit Walt Disney World and have a completed scripted trip. There is so much information about, well, literally everything happening at the resort, that there’s very little room to encounter anything that might surprise you. If you’re like me, you probably look at this as a good thing. My thought process usually is – less unscripted moments = less possibility for things to go awry. I’m perfectly happy to forego the upside potential of the unexpected for the consistency of the expected.

Or, at least I think I am. Then something unexpectedly good happens, and, for a brief moment, I’m glad I didn’t see it coming.

Such is the scenario pictured above. We were exhausted, hot, moody, etc. and were making our way out of Hollywood Studios for a break in the room. It wasn’t necessarily what we wanted to do (we never actually like losing park hours), but felt like we needed to regroup.

…and who do we encounter? None other than Genie.

To say I was surprised would be an understatement. I’d not previously seen Genie out on a normal park day at Hollywood Studios doing meet-n-greets. But, here he was – in all his blue…blueness. And after spending time taking pics, everyone was suddenly refreshed, smiling, and ready to continue on with our park day. It was something unexpected that actually had a positive impact on the day. Now, had we remembered to ask Genie about granting a few wishes, it would’ve had a slightly more positive impact on our day….but, whatever.

As we returned to our regularly scheduled program, I realized I was a changed man. For all the planning, it occurred to me that it’s really the unscripted moments you remember years later.

It then subsequently occurred to me that maybe I should plan more unscripted moments into our trips. 😉

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