The site you’ve stumbled upon – My Disney Planning – is, well, my Disney vacation planning. It’s sharing what I’ve learned over the years about theme park vacation planning…mostly gleamed from (way too many) trips, research, and conversations. Living in the southern US, we tend to concentrate most of our coverage on Walt Disney World with just a hint of Disneyland and Disney Cruise from time to time. We’re also not immune to visiting other theme parks as there’s a lot of great stuff out there beyond the Disney bubble.

As for me, I’d classify myself as a God-fearing, theme park-loving dad – one who spends way too much time visiting Chick-Fil-A and Disney parks.

So look around a bit. Follow me @mydisplanning and I’ll let you know when I post. Tweet me so we can get to know each other. I’m transparently a planning nerd and just enjoy the conversation. You can also, get to know the real-world me on LinkedIn.

Finally, I mention this at the end of each post because it’s super important to me. If you like the site, consider checking out an organization we support in their mission to spread the good news of Jesus Christ across our spaceship earth – the International Mission Board.

See ya soon.