How Do You Pick Initial Park Reservations?

If you’re asking this question, odds are you are far enough out from your trip that you’re not exactly sure what park you’ll be visiting on a specific day. You’ve simply booked a package (or purchased tickets) and want to lock into in a park reservation of some sort – which is a good thing to do.

While I’ve found that it truly doesn’t matter what parks you pick initially (as this post details), I think it’s smart to choose the parks that you’ll potentially have less hassle with if needing to change down the road.

To that end, I suggest simply alternating reservations between Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios for the duration of your date range as a placeholder. For example, if you’re visiting for 5 days, you’d select 3 Hollywood Studios park reservations and 2 Magic Kingdom reservations.

My thinking is simple – the demand / capacity gap for these two parks is wider than the gap for Epcot and Animal Kingdom. You’ll nearly always see the former two parks hit park reservation capacity long before the latter.

Going with this strategy will buy you a little more time to get your ducks in order as far as specific itinerary. Again, while it’s no big deal to swap your reservations any of the parks, you’ll still have some peace of mind here knowing you at least made a systematic, logical initial decision on this…for whatever that’s worth.

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What park do you reserve first?

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