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What’s the Best Music Venue in Walt Disney World?

Fourteen years ago, I sat under the stars and listened to Mickey Thomas sing “Sara” at the American Gardens Theater.

I’ve been a fan ever since.

The sound, lighting, and setting is (several) notches above what you’ll typically find in any theme park music venue.

The sound? I don’t know what kind of PA is installed here, but it sounds amazing. The volume, clarity, and tone is exactly what you want in an outside music venue. It’s always loud enough, but never uncomfortable.

The lighting? I manage stage lighting for a local venue and I’m always impressed at the quality of effort put into the shows at American Gardens Theatre. These type of shows are typically busked on the fly, but are very well done. The venue always has plenty of high quality lighting fixtures integrated into a top-notch stage design – key to a great show.

Finally, is there anything better than completing what I call the American Pavilion quad-fecta?

  1. See Voices of Liberty
  2. See The American Adventure
  3. Eat BBQ from Regal Eagle
  4. Listen to music at American Gardens Theater.

Does a theme park experience get much better than that?

I don’t think so.

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