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What’s the Best Disney Park Touring Advice?

I’m not much of a morning person. If I can some how find my way from the bed to the shower each morning, the rest of the day is typically pretty easy. This completely extends to theme park trips. I may be in my favorite place, doing my favorite things…but, that still doesn’t mean I’m gonna wake up ready to get the day rolling.

This is especially true in the later days of a trip…when actual exhaustion has set in.

Thankfully, this is where my wife comes in. She’s great about waking up on time, disbursing breakfast, packing bags, clothing kids, and generally getting us out of the door.

You need someone in your family like my wife for Walt Disney World trips.

Why? Because If you’re planning to have a great theme park day, you have to get a great start. In the case of WDW, that great start means arriving at the park early. I define early as roughly 30 mins prior to park opening. That means actually walking through the turnstiles 30 mins prior to official opening- not parking the car. Any more than that is overkill. Any less and you risk losing your buffer in the event something unexpected occurs (e.g. monorails not running, security not appropriately staff, phone left in room, etc.).

What does arriving early get you? In general, it just means that whatever you choose to do that day from a touring perspective, you’re one step ahead of (most) of the folks your touring alongside.

I will say, it does seem like more and more visitors are showing up early these days. While I don’t think that means you need to show up 45-60 mins early, it does mean that arriving early is becoming more of a necessity rather than just a good idea.

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