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What’s the Best View in All of Walt Disney World?

Being the only WDW theme park with an expansive lake in the middle of it, Epcot is THE scene for spectacular sunsets.

For me though, it’s not just the view. The sights, sounds, smells of World Showcase…while, not captured in the photo, all combine to create an atmosphere like no other in WDW.

While I’d love to tell you to stop the next time you find yourself on a beautiful evening and take it all in…if I’m being honest, we rarely do that. There’s always so much we want to see and do that it’s hard to stop.

Still…the next time you find yourself on a beautiful evening in World Showcase, stop a moment, find a lagoon-side bench (Germany, Norway, Italy), and take in…

…the best view in all of Walt Disney World.

Note: You will need to look over and around the Harmonious show barges. 😉

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