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What’s the Funniest Show in Walt Disney World?

You don’t really hear a lot about Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor in the Magic Kingdom. I don’t know if it’s because where it is (e.g. Magic Kingdom) means it gets passed over for the biggies (e.g. Pirates, Mansion, Splash) or if folks simply don’t have it as funny or clever as I do. Probably the latter.

Either way, I find Laugh Floor to be one of the more repeatable attractions in WDW due to the interactive nature of the show, the flexibility the actors (seem) to have, and…the comedy! Think Jungle Cruise before every skipper was forced to use the same five jokes on each cruise.

While waiting in the queue, you’ll be asked to txt in jokes for potential use in the show. While waiting in said queue, you inevitably won’t be able to think of any jokes to submit. As such, here are a few:

What do you call a fake noodle? – An Impasta.

Why can’t a nose be 12 inches long? – Cause then it would be a foot.

Wanna hear 2 short jokes and 1 long joke? – Joke, joke, joooooooooooke.

You’re welcome.

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