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What’s the most underrated attraction for kids Epcot ?

Epcot kind of gets a bad rap when it comes to being a place that kids will enjoy. The thing is, I’m not sure is really the case in 2022. A prime example of this is Gran Fiesta Tour. This may, in fact, be my four year old’s favorite attraction in all of WDW. And why is that? Well, for one, he loves any ride that includes water. (see: Pirates of the Caribbean, Navi River Journey, Frozen Ever After….). Gran Fiesta Tour checks this box.

Music? Check as well.

GFT has one of the catchiest songs you’ll find on any Disney attraction. It’s no surprise then that my four year old hums it post-ride for rest of our trip around the World Showcase. The rest of family inevitably joins in at some point…until we all wished we’d never heard it.

Animatronics? Check

When did this become his favorite attraction? Basically when Disney decided to replace the screen-based ending with really for real animatronic versions of Donald, Panchito, and Jose. I’ll admit, it punched up the rides finale in a way that I didn’t really expect.

And while, my son loves it for the reasons above…I love it for one very specific reason:

It’s 8 minutes of relaxation – air conditioned and off my feet.

That’s worth something.

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