When Should You Purchase a Vacation Package?

Historically, I’ve never advocated for purchasing a WDW vacation package from Disney. They typically never save you money, provide any tangible value-add, and lock you into a trip cancellation policy.

I’ll go more in-depth on these assertions in a later post, but for now, I can officially say there IS a reason to book a WDW vacation package.

So we know you can’t make a park reservation with a ticket right? In this instance, however, purchasing a package is our loophole into making park reservations without locking into a ticket purchase.

The reason we don’t know to lock into a ticket purchase is simple – you never know what can happen. I know tickets can be used down the road, but I’m not a fan of tying up dollars in tickets for an extended time.

I’d much rather have that money tied up in something stable like Bitcoin.

Anyway, back to the loophole…

By booking a vacation package (cancellable 30 days out), we now have the ability to make park reservations. We also have the ability to keep those park reservations when we cancel our package.

So here’s what you could do…

  • Book a vacation package with Disney greater than 30 days out
  • Make initial park reservations
  • Cancel vacation package prior to 30 days out
    • Park reservations retained in My Disney Experience account
  • Purchase discounted tickets from undercovertourist.com closer to travel date
  • Tie tickets to My Disney Experience account

I’ve only used this loophole when Disney was allowing vacation package cancellations up to the day prior to travel. In this instance, we used the same steps above, but canceled our package and associated new tickets the night before our trip. This allowed us to limit our cancellation risk and get the latest available third-party ticket discounts.

Now that we’re back to the 30-day cancellation policy, there might be some risk in letting those park reservations hang out in your account for an extended time without associating tickets. As such, it might make sense to cancel your package at the 30-day window and associate new tickets within a week. I’ve seen reports of folks getting messages saying their reservation in My Disney Experience is not tied to a ticket and will be cancelled. So…tread lightly.

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How often do you keep your initial reservation?

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