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Where Can You Meet a Disney Princess?

Of all the princess meet-n-greets in Walt Disney World, meeting Aurora in France is likely our favorite. Why? Well…because it was our daughter’s favorite princess to meet when she was in the 4-5 year old range.

So there’s some nostalgia there.

Beyond that, meeting Aurora is pretty low-key affair…which is a good thing. There’s rarely a huge line for her and, as you can see, there are a lot of of time opportunities to catch her at her France location. I think, because of that, every time we’ve met Aurora in this location, she has been super-inviting and engaging as well.

Speaking of France, could there be a better back-drop for meeting a Disney princess? Aurora’s meet and greet across from the International Gateway waterway that feeds World Showcase lagoon is about as picturesque as you’ll find in Walt Disney World.

So…little daughter or not, meeting Aurora the next time your passing through France is likely worth your while.

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