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Where Can You Meet Mickey at Hollywood Studios?

There’s no shortage of places to meet Mickey at WDW. If you find yourself in Hollywood Studios, you’ll have a pretty easy time meeting both Mickey and Minnie in one location – Red Carpet Dreams. You’ll find this location at the awkward corner of Commissary Lane (near Sci-Fi Dine-In and ABC Commissary) and Grand Avenue (near entrance to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge). I’d suggest using Genie+ later in the day for this one as it’s not exactly an interesting wait.

If you get in a time bind and just want your child to see Mickey or Minnie and aren’t too interested in a pic or in-depth discussion, you can always swing through Hollywood and Dine to catch a glimpse of the two. Just enter the Tune-In Lounge next to Hollywood and Dine and take a left into the restaurant. While I wouldn’t hang around (as you’re not actually…you know…eating here), there’s no harm in a wave while passing through.

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