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Where is the Best Place to Watch Fireworks Outside of the Parks?

If you’re looking for a great ending to your non-park rest day, look no further than Magic Kingdom’s “Enchantment” fireworks on the beaches of Polynesian Village Resort. This has become a go-to for our family over the years. It’s cool because it gives you a chance to end a “down” day with a bang – without the cost, stress, crowds typical of watching fireworks in the parks.

Our plan? We usually head over to Poly about an hour or so before show time. If we have an Ohana or Kona Cafe reservation, we’ll obviously park at the resort. If not, we’ll park in the Magic Kingdom parking lot, take a tram to the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC), and then walk over to the Poly. The path to the resort is located on the right, just before entering the TTC security checkpoint.

You’ll want to grab a spot on the beach sort of adjacent to the resort’s pool area. If you get too far down to the left (facing the Magic Kingdom), your view will be blocked by the Bungalows. We typically sit in the sand relatively close to water and a speaker. This gets you unobstructed views and a decent soundtrack volume. If you make it to the resort early enough, be sure to grab a dole whip from Pineapple Lanai near the Great Ceremonial House (resort main lobby).

Post-show, you’ll want to hang around 30 mins or so and let the crowds disperse.

Just kidding.

Simply get up and walk to your car. No wait for a bus, monorail, or boat.


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